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  • Check with your doctor  before starting any reducing program or if you experience any problems. 

  • Chew your food slowly & thoroughly – take it easy. 

  • Exercise daily – You’ll burn up calories & feel better.  

  • Avoid fatty,  sugary or sodium -rich foods. *(Skipping meals is unproductive)

  • Take a balanced multi – vitamin – mineral regularly. 

  • Consume plenty of pure quality or filtered water.

  • Reminder: The increased  bowel movements  during  the 1st week after drinking  "THE TEA " DRINK YOUR WAIST AWAY is a natural  cleansing action  resulting  in the body releasing  excess  toxins  and unwanted  gas pockets.*


Breakfast: 1 protein or starch, 1 dairy, 1 fruit with The Tea.


Lunch: 1 protein or starch, 1 dairy,  2 fruits, UNLIMITED VEGGIES with The Tea.


Dinner: 2 Proteins,  1 starch, 2 fruits UNLIMITED VEGGIES with The Tea.


☆You may choose 1 fat per day & use it for any 3 meals. Snacking on fruits & veggies will CURB your appetite in a healthy way!




Breakfast: Same as week 1

Lunch: Same as week 1 add 1 more starch.

Dinner: Same as week 1 add 1 more diary. 


WEEK 3: Repeat week 1

WEEK 4: Repeat week 2

WEEK 5: Repeat week 1

WEEK 6: If desired weight goal has not been reached yet,  repeat WEEK 2


*This statement  has not been  evaluated  by the Food and Drug  Administration. This product  is not intended  to Diagnose ,  Treat , Cure or Prevent any Disease. NO MATTER HOW GREAT IT IS!

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