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Enjoy The Tea  hot or cold as you taste fresh zesty Ginseng in each sip while you DRINK YOUR WAIST AWAY!  


Tips For Maximum Results:

1. Drink water daily to replenish your body. (preferably lemon water and aim for a galon)

2. Follow the "Fuel Your Dedication" diet plan (Under the Meal Plan tab).

3. Excercise regurarly.  



All The Tea- Drink Your Waist Away products are 100% natural using only the highest quality of herbs, fillers, binders, salt, yeast, and caffeine stimulants. Synthetics are never used!



Made in America. 



 Paypal or Major Credit Cards are Accepted.  


  • Option 1: $19.99- 2 Week Supply (15 Tea Bags)
  • Option 2: $34.99 -1 Month Supply (30 Tea Bags)

Zesty Ginseng Cleansing Tea

Price Options
One-time purchase
Zesty Gineseng
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$21.24every month until canceled

    Ingredients : Locust Plant (cassia angustifolia), Gynostemma  (Pentaphyllum), Lycii  Berry Leaf and Cinnamon.

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